CSI IP Reputation Remediation Portal

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence™ (CSI) is a comprehensive global sender monitoring and analysis system that delivers timely and accurate reputation on good, bad, and suspect senders. CSI uses real-time data from Cloudmark's Global Threat Network™ system to create the industry's most comprehensive sender reputation service.

If you believe the reputation of your IP address is not correct or if the reputation has changed, you may request a reset of all related email traffic statistics within CSI for your IP address.

Please note this is not a portal for submitting complaints regarding content based spam signatures. Those requests must be directed at the service provider who is blocking the message. This portal will only accept statistical reset requests for IP addresses published by Cloudmark Sender Intelligence.

More information about Cloudmark Sender Intelligence and why your email may have been blocked: FAQ.

IP Statistics Reset Request

You can find this in the bounce message you received; it is not necessarily the IP of the Internet connection you are currently using.

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Comment information is for informational purposes only and is logged along with the reset request. Questions submitted via this text field will not be answered.